Erwin Wurm
Designed 2013

Erwin Wurm's Zuccheriera Sugar Box is a successful synthesis of a contemporary sculpture and a utilitarian object. Based on the Fat Car sculptures that transform the status symbol Porsche into a bloated, room-filling monstrosity, the stately silver box is a critical statement on questionable phenomena of our consumer society. At the same time, the design object is a tongue-in-cheek allusion to Benvenuto Cellini's famous Saliera. The Zuccheriera, a stately box with a plug-in lid, was created exclusively by hand. Based on a plaster prototype by Erwin Wurm, the silver sculpture was forged in highest precision by two silversmiths. Zuccheriera 5/10 was donated to MAK Vienna.

Limited edition of 10, 925/000 sterling silver

 52,000.00 incl. Tax

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