Caviar set with 6 tumblers

Thomas Bastide
Designed 2013

In his "Ikra Ice" design, Thomas Bastide wanted to capture the essence of running water in solid form. Water is the central leitmotif, because caviar, vodka and ice all come from water. "Ikra Ice" is a representation of Russian hospitality and joie de vivre. It is part of Russian tradition and culture to celebrate amongst friends. Ideally celebrations are centred on a majestic vessel such as this, in which caviar and vodka are kept cool for optimum enjoyment. Six tumblers, arranged in a circle around the gilded caviar dish, are accompanied by a silver container, in which the vodka is served. The set is an aesthetic eye-catcher on the dinner table and a symbol of the best Russian hospitality.

 51,640.00 incl. Tax

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