Vases Loa and Vesu

Zaha Hadid
Designed 2014

It is no coincidence that the vases "Loa" and "Vesu" bear the names of volcanoes. Seemingly driven by internal forces, the silver sheet is forced into forms of expansion and compression or deformed into fine waves and rippling distortions. Silver interior vases are like craters from out of which lava flows down. Surface reflections further enhance the effect of the churned relief through the light and color of the surroundings. Iraqi-British architect and designer Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) developed the design in close collaboration with silversmiths Antonio Umani (+2019) and Urs Bally. They translated Zaha Hadid's aesthetic vision into their craft, demonstrating a non plus ultra of mastery. The hand-forged silver vases are counterparts.

Limited edition of 8 in 925/000 sterling silver

 384,000.00 incl. Tax

This product is a set consisting of the following individual products:
Zaha Hadid — Vase Loa
Zaha Hadid — Vase Vesu
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