Box "zizi"

Designed 2017

For the Vienna Design Week 2017 the Viennese design duo zerunianandweisz (Nadja Zerunian / Peter Weisz) created a series of silver boxes with delicately bobbing feathers. The duo named the series "nos trucs en plumes" (our feather things). The inspiration came from the seductive French singer and dancer Zizi Jeanmaire (1924-2020), who enjoyed great success in the 1950s and performed in feather costumes by Yves Saint Laurent. The feathers, reacting to every movement, were the continuation of her body. In them culminated the art of seduction. Above a high leg floats the silver box "zizi". She wraps herself in a dense plumage, hand-sewn from strips of feathers and trimmed to a spherical shape. "Zizi" is available with powder pink or black feathers.

925/000 sterling silver, ostrich feathers, silk

 3,940.00 incl. Tax

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