The silver standard mark provides information about the proportion of the precious metal present when it is alloyed. In the case of silverware this is measured in tenths of a percent, i.e. the weight of the amount of silver per one thousand parts. For example, a mark of 800/1000 indicates the presence of 800 parts of silver to 200 parts of the alloying metals. The higher the proportion of silver, the greater the material value of the object.


The purity of the silver is guaranteed by a second stamp: the four-leaved clover, which is our company's seal of quality. It was introduced in 1882 by the Silbermanufaktur Alexander Sturm, in which we also have our roots. (Alexander Sturm only marked products commissioned by the Wiener Werkst├Ątte with his initials 'A.St.')

Today's clover hallmark is not very different to its historical predecessor. Now, as then, it serves as a guarantee for silverware of the highest quality.