We are passionate about silver. The soft, shimmering white metal has accompanied humankind for thousands of years but it still inspires us anew each day: its charm and its character, its allure and the value it conveys, its style and its distinction. This can be felt fully in our products, because we love silver and live for it — and because we are masters of our craft.


Our hallmark is the four-leafed clover. Every product that leaves our house is adorned with this symbol. The distinctive motif symbolises our roots and our future. It stands for the good fortune that we feel we have with our work, and for the sense of good fortune that this work creates for others over generations and beyond cultural borders.


"It's better to work on one object for ten days than to produce ten objects in a day." The motto of the Wiener Werkstätte holds true to this day. We take our time with each detail and every step of the production process. The experience, precision and care that go into the work of each of our silversmiths guarantees a product of exquisite quality. The standards we work to are so high because yours are, too.