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GOURMET SPOONS & STEAK KNIVES – from now on, all cutlery models from Wiener Silber Manufactur will be available in 925/000 sterling silver and in 150g exclusive silver plating.

The gourmet spoon and the steak knife – two indispensable companions when dining.

Originally conceived as a tasting spoon for the cook, the groove is used to drain excess fat and the flat spoon base ensures the proper temperature in the mouth. Its uses at the table are numerous; you can use it to scoop up a delicious sauce from the plate, filet fish, and detach the skin from roast poultry.

The cut of the blade is fundamental to every steak knife. 90% of all steak knives sold feature a large serrated edge, which tears the meat fibres during carving and reduces the mouthfeel. Only a steak knife with a plain edge gives you complete enjoyment – it will become the heart of every table and allow you to enjoy every grilling moment.

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